Those Who Can For Those In Need

Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To bring people together from the Boston and North Shore area to learn about resources and volunteer opportunities in the following categories: Elderly, Losing a Loved One, Children, Low Income and Homeless Issues.

Mission Picture

Mission Goals

Our mission help us accomplish the following:

Help those with challenging life issue needs in the Boston and North Shore areas by informing and connecting them with those who provide important services for children, the elderly, low income, the homeless, and those who have lost a loved one.

Aid local, grassroots non-profits that provide important life issues advice and services by giving them a forum and opportunities to be found by those in need of their services, as well as connecting them with a community of volunteers.

Promote local volunteerism through education and awareness of opportunities.

We currently accomplish these goals with an annual Life Issue’s Resource Fair, our website, a newsletter, and a soon to be published print-version directory.